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Healthy Pastors Lead Healthy Churches
& Healthy Churches Change the World



Are you looking to grow personally and in your ministry calling? Are you dealing with a specific issue in your church or personal life? Maybe you’re feeling healthy but need someone to bounce ideas off of. Full Strength Network partners with certified coaches who have been where you are. They love helping pastors and ministry leaders think through complex issues and ideas. Here are a few examples of specialties Full Strength coaches have experience in helping ministry leaders navigate: boundaries & isolation, building services teams, co-vocational challenges, vision casting, restorative rest & rhythms, and much more. 



It may be just the time to seek out a counselor if you’ve experienced any level of burnout, depression, anxiety, grief, or trauma. Full Strength Network partners with counselors and therapists who love Jesus and have experience working with ministry leaders on their mental health. Here are some examples of specialties that Full Strength counselors have experience in anxiety, addiction, anger management, depression, marriage & family, stress management, and much more. 



Through your Full-Strength Membership, you have access to join a small group of 8-12 ministry leaders who meet virtually every month. It’s a minimal time commitment designed for maximum impact. In each session, you’ll learn together and encourage one another. Peer huddles are led by a Full-Strength Network coach who is trained in facilitating conversations around self-care and healthy well-being for ministry leaders.  

FSN & GLR Partnership

We care deeply about the long-term care of your soul. 

The Great Lakes Region aims to invest in the inner lives of pastors, both spiritually and emotionally, so they can thrive in their unique ministry contexts as they go after our collective mission to seek and save the lost through Jesus.  

What We Offer

For the member

12 individual sessions per membership year

For the member's family

12 individual sessions for a family member (spouse or children ages 13-17) per membership year

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Lead Pastors

In the Great Lakes Region, each lead pastor is provided a Full Strength Network Membership. This membership is auto-renewed annually.


The FSN membership year runs from October 1 through September 30. The number of counseling sessions provided each year begins October 1 (sessions may not be rolled over from year to year).


For married couples who are co-lead pastors, each person will receive a membership.

Already a member?

Church Staff Members

We believe healthy staff members grow healthy churches!

We encourage each church to provide a Full Strength Network membership for each of their paid staff (full-time or part-time). The benefits do not differentiate from lead pastor to staff member. 

To register a staff member at a church is only $139 through September 2024.

Many counseling sessions are $100 or more per session, but with the membership, you are provided with close to $1200/year for a fraction of the cost.

The gift of well-being is a great gift to give your staff.

Full Strength Membership Program

If you have any questions about your membership,

contact Full Strength Network at

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