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Coaching & Counseling

Healthy Pastors Lead Healthy Churches
& Healthy Churches Change the World!

The Great Lakes Region aims to invest in the inner lives of pastors, both spiritually and emotionally, so they can thrive in their unique ministry contexts as they go after our collective mission to seek and save the lost through Jesus.  

We have created a NEW partnership with Converge Coaching and MyCounselor.Online. These programs offer each senior pastor opportunities for growth, accountability, and support in the realms of soul care, personal development, and mental wellness. 

Converge Coaching

Converge Coaching exists to promote a working model that enables a leader to be effective in their role while maintaining health in their personal life. The model promotes a foundationally sound approach to mental/emotional health, to proper boundary-setting in terms of relationships and schedule, and the priority of a leader’s family over work by evaluating the following 7 areas. 

Vision, strategy, values, wins, people, culture, and Sunday services

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MyCounselor.Online is a faith-based group of counselors in Neuroscience-Informed Therapy, providing both support and resources. 

- Discover what is holding you back AND what to do about it

- Transform destructive downard cycles into productive upward spirals

- Gain clarity and confidence in your identity 

- Experience joy, purpose, and the satisfaction of living into your potential

Our Partnership Offerings

- The GLR will cover 6 sessions of coaching or counseling per year at a discounted rate of $140 per session 

- The GLR will cover 80% ($112) of each session, and the pastor is responsible for paying the remaining 20% ($28 per session)

- This offer applies to lead pastors & Campus Lead pastors, their spouses, and their dependent children. Each family is limited to 6 total covered sessions. Additional sessions can be continued, but the pastor would be responsible for 100% of the cost after completing the original six sessions. ($140 per session) 

- All coaching and counseling will take place online

- This benefit will start June 1, 2024

Offerings for Lead Pastors & Campus Lead Pastors

Offerings for Church Employees

The same program for lead pastors is available for each church to offer their employees. 

If you are interested in learning more and creating a partnership with Converge Coaching & MyCounselor.Online, please contact our CFO, Andy Miedema.

How do I sign up?

Converge Coaching will operate as a liaison for the GLR for coaching as well as counseling through MyCounselor.Online. 

To begin the process of connecting with a coach or counselor, click the "sign up" button below and the Converge team will get you connected with support that fits your needs. 

While signing up, please use the code "GLR" where requested to ensure our discounted price. 

How Do I Sign Up?

Questions You May Have

Can I continue working my previous coach or counselor?

- If you or a family member wants to continue an existing counseling or coaching relationship that was previously assigned by FSN, the GLR will provide the same benefit ($112 per session for 6 sessions.) 

- Converge Coaching will administer payments to your existing counselor or coach


- To get the conversation started about transferring your coach or counselor, please contact Laura at AND Jennifer at

Connect with our team!

If you have any questions regarding this new partnership or how to get started please contact our Soul Care team.

Pam Anderson  - Clergy Care Coordinator

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