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Pastoral Reviews

You Matter To Us!

Leadership Development and Soul Care are two of the Core Values of the GLR!  Pastoral Reviews are one of the ways that we measure the effectiveness of these things in the lives of our pastors. Performing these reviews also ensures that we are adhering to the requirements set by the Wesleyan Discipline.

Pastoral Review

What is a pastor review?

A pastor review is a process of gathering information to help us determine how a pastor is doing in leading their church, staff and board. A GLR representative contacts the church for financial and statistical information, and receives feedback through a survey from the local LBA on a series of topics related to the pastor’s performance and leadership and also evaluates their own board performance as well. This information serves as the starting point for the GLR rep to have in person discussions with the pastor and the board. 

Connect With Our Team!

For additional questions about pastoral reviews,

you are welcome to reach out to:

Cindy Andrews

GLR Pastoral Review Coordinator

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