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Ministerial Development 

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Discover Your Calling, Choose Your Path!

The Ministerial Development Journey is for those who have an overwhelming desire to serve God at a deeper level in a vocational or bi-vocational role. Their spiritual gifts and talents have been placed in them for the purpose of being unleashed by the Holy Spirit as a Kingdom worker into the world. God has blessed them with a heart for a specific ministry, and the call to serve has been affirmed by those around them. 

Map Out Your Journey

Even the longest journey begins with a single step

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Discover Your Call 

Discover Your Call 
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Become a Student!

Become a Student!

Step One: Register with the Wesleyan Church

By doing this, you will gain access to the Ministerial Development Portal, where you can view your profile and transcript records at any time in the process. 

Step Two: Transfer college transcripts

If you have previous college experience, send your official college transcript to They will assist you in adding these to your student profile. Only the first and last transcript sent to them needs to be an official copy; intermediate transcripts can be what you download from the university.

Step Three: Complete a background check with the GLR

Complete the registration/background check form for the Great Lakes Region (GLR). You may use the provided PayPal link to submit the $30 fee for the background check. 


Choose Your Educational Path

Choose your Educational Path

Option One: Pursue a Degree

Choose a degree program at a Wesleyan University or Seminary.

Choose the path that works best for your unique situation

Option Two: Pursue a Certificate

Choose a Certificate level course through Kingswood Extended, Oklahoma Wesleyan University Cross Training, The GLR Kickstarter Program, or FLAMA for those who are Spanish Speaking.

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Pursue Your Credentials



How to get credentialed as a licensed minister:

1- Become Educationally Certified 

2- Complete Assessments from the GLR

3- Email our team to request an application and interview appointment. Contact Tonya Waite at

4- Become Licensed

Once licensed, you could choose to remain licensed or move on to becoming ordained. At this point, that license will give you the rites to perform rituals (weddings, baptisms, and serving communion).

How to get credentialed as an ordained minister:

1- Become Educationally Certified 

2- Become Licensed

After you’ve completed two years full-time, or a minimum of 3,000 hours, as a Licensed Minister, you will be ready to begin the application and interview process for becoming an ordination candidate.

3- Set up an ordination interview!

Contact Tonya Waite at to set up an interview appointment and learn more. 

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Common Credentialing Questions

Common Credentialing Questions

What are


What courses are required for Licensing & Ordination?

How do I Transfer my credentials from another district or denomination?

What can I expect

in your interview?


1. What can I expect from the ministry development journey?

2. Transfer your credentials from another denomination

3. How can the Regional Board of Ministerial Development

(RBMD) serve you?

4. Decoding the abbreviations & acronyms?

Connect With Our Team!

We understand that the ministerial development process can get overwhelming at times. Don’t do this journey alone! Connect with a team member today!

Sherry Laurence 

Regional Board of Ministerial Development Coordinator

Drew Mills

Regional Board of Ministerial Development Co-Chair


Tonya Waite

Inquire about scheduling an interview for credentialing


Education & Clergy Development Division

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