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Welcome to GLR Kickstarter!

Empower your learning journey with GLR Kickstarter!

A quick and simple education program powered by Kingswood University, offering an affordable subscription program to kickstart your academic pursuits toward ministry and licensing! Fuel your ministry calling and curiosities affordably and quickly!

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About Kickstarter

Cost - $275 Subscription

What does this include?

Includes access to ALL seven core classes needed for licensing in 14 months (plus books).

The subscription period runs through July 31, 2025. A new class is offered every odd-numbered month, so all seven classes can be completed in the subscription period. 

What to Expect?

  • Classes are taught over a 2-month period using Zoom by GLR pastors with an M-Div or higher who are vetted by Kingswood, who also sends transcripts to the Wesleyan Education & Clergy Development Division. 

  • If a student stays on the path – in a 14 month time period, they will be educationally qualified for licensing.

  • If the student decides to pursue a ministerial degree at Kingswood, they’ll have earned 9 credit hours from Kingswood – all for only $275

  • We encourage churches with multiple students to have the students meet together for class.

  • Because the classes are only for GLR students, our hope is that this next wave of pastors will make connections across the region with others who share their passion for reaching the lost.

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