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The Ministry Center

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The Ministry
Center’s Mission

The Mission of the GLR’s Ministry Center is to provide a place where Pastors and Leaders of the Great Lakes Region can experience the presence of the Holy Spirit, be prayed for, and be equipped and empowered to go after our collective mission of reaching the lost.


Our prayer is that the Ministry Center will serve the pastors and leaders of the region by providing a space for connection, collaboration, prayer, and peace to courageously pursue the mission God has given us. 

Who can reserve the space?

The Great Lakes Region of the Wesleyan Church is honored to make the Ministry Center available to churches and organizations who are directly affiliated with us.


We have been extremely blessed to provide a space for you and your team and look forward to serving you in this way.

Spaces Offered

The Ministry Center houses a cozy multi-use area with a variety of seating options that were designed to be used as a prayer and worship space, collaborative meeting space, or simply as a “third space” for Pastors to come and work on the go. There is also a conference room which can be reserved for group meetings/retreats, as well as the GLR offices. 

  • Conference Room (Set up - as is)

  • Living Room/Fireplace Area (Set up - as is) - seating: couches, club chairs, fireplace hearth

  • High top square tables (Set up - as is) - 3 tables with 4 chairs each (seating for 12)

  • Teaching/Presentation U-shape or square style with 3-6 rectangular tables (seating for 9-20)

  • Individual rectangular table Max of 5 tables with 6 chairs each (seating for under 30)

We would love for you to plan a visit

on your own or with a team!

Contact us at

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