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Soul Care

“The best thing we bring to our leadership is not our talent, or abilities, or even our experience, but our own transforming selves.”

- Ruth Haley Barton -

The Great Lakes Region aims to invest in the inner lives of pastors, both spiritually and emotionally, so they can thrive in their unique ministry contexts as we go after or collective mission to seek and save the lost. 

What We Offer

Image by Dylan Ferreira

We believe that healthy pastors lead healthy churches, and healthy churches change the world! For this reason, we aim to provide resources and pathways for pastors and leaders to receive the help and support they need through counseling and coaching opportunities. 

Sabbatical Support

The Bible teaches of the importance of interspersing work and rest with a sabbatical (an extended Sabbath) every seventh year.

We have provided these resources for you in hopes that throughout your ministry career, you will continue to cultivate a well-ordered soul. Our desire is not only to resource you in this process but to support you and be an advocate for you as you seek to put Psalm 23 to the test.

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